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keep calling me day and night, I say take me off the list!!! I don't want it~~they don't talk!! just somebody sitting there breathing in the phone! thought it was a *** at first because just breathing on the line, so I looked up the number and found out this is them, Cbeyond! so sick of it !! they call me 24 hrs even on Saturdays! hate them and wish they would leave me alone!!! When I answer I say "take me off the list take me off!!!" *heavy... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 16
  • #848837

Someone with your service keeps calling and not leaving any message

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  • From mobile
  • Apr 26
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There is a man by the name is Mark Johnson who calls me from a 202 and says that i qualify for a Gov grant that i dont have to pay back i look up the number on beenverified and it says Cbeyond Communication LLC Dc. But its says you guys are a some type of phone company or telemarketing company this is crazy either someone is using your info or you people are scammers

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Been having issues with Birch emails. I'm the IT manager of a small business, and I'm actually looking at migrating our email services to another provider. I've just about had it with Birch/Cbeyond. They made some changes to their EXCAS (exchange servers) and now almost all the emails we send from the company are being rejected by other companies (SPF validation failed messages). They have blacklisted emails coming from Cbeyond servers, as... Read more

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Hello All, Birch recently bought out the company I had my service through... so like in every buyout the customer is not notified... in fact they changed their hours of support for our service unbeknownst to my service goes down on the weekend... i call and they say sorry I don't have access to the network you will have to wait until monday when someone who does is in the office... So I ask to speak to a supervisor... he said he is the... Read more

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I have been a customer of CBeyond who is now bought out by Birch, for many years now and I have hated every second of it. We have 2 T1 lines and some DID as well as SIP service from them. If you ever encounter an issue with service this company will not help. You will have to go through multiple "Escalations" just to get nowhere, imagine being a business who relies heavily on your EXPENSIVE services & not knowing when or for how long they... Read more

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Been with this company Aretta/CBeyond/Birch for years and consistently the service gets worse... finally I am going to switch... but for those who are interested on info on this company here it is... Over the last few years when I loose service they don't even know... I have to call them and inform them of the loss of service... you would think they have alarms when a server goes off line and they claim they do but obviously they don't have... Read more

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First of all walked in sales person hundreds of lies to sign my 3 yr contract. everything she told is lie. I finally paid 1700 for early termination. They terminted 1 month before we agreed and I lost my business line for 26 yrs!!!! They do anthing NASTY to ripp you off!! This organization should be terminated ASAP!! I wasted thousands and thousands of money and time. AGAIN please stay away from this company. I lost hundreds... Read more

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Our experience was similar to most of the other posts here. No words can describe the misery. My business has lost thousands of dollars. My property was damaged. I was lied to over and over again, run in circles. Every representative I spoke too was fired eventually. We are going to arbitration. BAD. BAD. BAD. DON'T DO IT. DO NOT SWITCH. DO NOT AGREE TO ANY OF THEIR CORRESPONDENTS. DON'T DO IT. BAD. BAD. BAD. BAD. BAD. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE,... Read more

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I purchased a company that already had cbeyond in place. I had been in contact with cbeyond for over a month to ensure the smooth transfer of my phone lines to my new business location. Unfortunately not only did they not complete this transfer they failed me on multiple levels. The customer service is incompetent all the way up through many levels of managers. They are unable to give the basic procedure information regarding their systems,... Read more

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