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Cbeyond in Washington, District Of Columbia - Extremely Poor Service - Do NOT use them

We switched to CBeyond to save money on our bill. We were told they were up 99.999% of the time and customer service was able to resolve problems within a short time 99.999% of the time. It was not worth the savings. Our customers were not able to get throught to us, they either got a fast busy or this number has been disconnected. This makes it look like we were out of business. Instead of saving a few hundred dollars a month we were losing thousands a day. They would say that they had fixed the problem, when in fact nothing changed. It took an enormous amount of time to attempt to fix the problem and move up the line to more experienced technicians. In the end we went back to our previous vendor. I would recommend using another vendor Do NOT sign with CBeyond!
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Cbeyond Don't switch to them!

Cbeyond sales rep came into my small business, stated all the wonderful benefits of their company and the cost savings in excess of 200 dollars a month. I agreed to switch. It has been three months of problems, phone lines not working, no responses when I call and they just keep telling me to call my vendor as it is not their problem. I have ran up $1900 worth of bills using the vendor they said to call. Prior to Cbeyond, my phone service was with Paetec and I had no problems with my phone service. I have 104 incoming lines and depend on my phones for business. When I have no phone lines working and continually have problems and Cbeyond Customer Cares does nothing, it has been a very expensive lesson. Stay clear of Cbeyond and their "seamless" conversion. It is a nightmare!
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I dont work for cbeyond - but I have sveral customers who use them. I also have customers using Paetec (who was just bought up by Windstream) I also have customers with Earthlink, and 2 local cable comapnies.

I consider Cbeyond to be one of the better companies. I do have to wonder how you got to 1,900 worth of support costs for an upgrade - mostly I ask this because cbeyond uses the same components and delivery systems as anyone else, in fact cbeyond uses Cisco CPE equipment witch is the best in the business. Paetec uses Adtran witch is actualy a step down.

MOST of the issues I have seen when someone changes carriers is due to reconfiguration of PBX equipment. If you HAD 100 phone lines, and you switched to cbeyond , but they gave you a deal on 125, someone has to reconfigure your equipment to use the extra 25 lines. That IS realted to your change, but its NOT a cbeyond configuration change, its on your phone vendor.

The same is true if you had 100 lines, but decided you only used 50, and let the other 50 go. If you dont tell your phone system you have 50 less lines, it will keep trying to dial out on your (now) dead lines.

Cbeyond has to bring dial tone into your building (if your on POTS) or PRI if your pbx is setup for it. What happens after that signal leaves the Cbeyond IAD is NOT CBEYONDS responsibility.

Cbeyond has a good team of engineers who answer calls quickly and understand the network and problems. I cant think of another vendor that can get me SIP bedug logs - cbeyond can.

Compared to windstream - when I call them, I hold much longer, and the person that takes the call is not a tech. they only take notes, and place the call in que.

Most cbeyond level 1 techs can make any change I need day-to-day to get things done. Windstream I have waited several days to get basic info.

This is not a rip on windstream, but I'm just saying know and understand your problem before you call someone out on it.

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CBeyond Very Hard to work with

From the time I heard the stellar bundled approach to cBeyond and how they would save us all went down hill from there. Promised by the sales rep and manager, a replacement mobile phone...still waiting. Promised by the sales team stellar internet, sluggish and maxed out pipeline resulting in us adding another comcast internet account. More money. Promised free move of t1 line when we moved office, most of the work on the local aspects of the move are on me...I'm an *** when it comes to technology. Therefore I have to find a "vendor" to do the work. Why isn't cbeyond organizing this and then billing me? for my "free move." This is anything but free as I am spending hours trying to get this resolved. Avoid cBeyond. They work on the sprint and att/qwest backbones and are very limited. Why? Why? Why? did I do this to myself?
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HonestTelecom is showing his telecom professionalism~


WHY WHY WHY!?!?! Your post has so manu errors.

You even said that you aren't technical, but you are slamming a tech company. Typical of folks to slam what the don't understand. All telecom companies have terms and conditions...

did you read them? I guess it is easier to drag someone else through the mud than to admit that you just don't know...sorry for your experience, dude.

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Cbeyond is nothing but a gimmick! Stay away from any sales person with Cbeyond Telephone Company. They tell you that there service is so much better than AT&T in which in fact it's much worse at 6 times the rate of AT&T. They promise T1 service in which they do not deliver and their call center has no clue as to what's going on. I have filed complaints with the FCC and the BBB on this company but just like our Government it's not worth your time! I am currently having to pay attorney fees to get out of these contracts.
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Cbeyond in Seattle, Washington - scams fraud scammers

cpabeyonds scams. anyone else expericne getting banned for no reason. then the owner jon or w/e even admits he scams and goes from lie to lie. stay away from they are a new website and scam. they opeened not even 2months ago search a on them. the owner is a bhw member johnnyrabit my advice stay away . better safe then sorry. join a more repuatble cpa company thats pays. not these scammers. do us all a favor report their facebook and twitter and report to them to the FCC report them to ic3 i have a pending case online get these scammers off the net. cpabeyond cpa beyond jon johnnyrabbit and look guys hes even a member of a blackhat community. scammer or what look up johnnyrabbit. on this is nothing but fraud stay away and dont fall victim like i did
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Hey all,

CpaBeyond isn't scam. I received they payout from it, the admin is very good, helping me everytime when i got the question.

So the support is awesome.

I love the offers, EPC is pretty good. Thanks for this good network :)


Tony --

I find it odd that you can be from both islamabad, islamabad, PK and london, england, UK.


The only way you would be banned is if you submitted Fraud leads. This is the ONLY WAY you would have been banned.

For whatever reason, if you think you sent legitimate traffic. Then reply with your affiliate email and I will have a look into your account.

If legitimate payment is due, then it WILL be paid.

But, something tells me that you are not a legitimate publisher, Tony, and that's why it shows 2 different locations for you.


When payday came I couldn't login to my account either. Pissed is not the word...

#516262 do good job not honest to anyone banned when time of cash out comes like me i banned becouse i made 250$ and time of cash out I am banned.


wtf i am with them since last 6 motnhs every time i get payment on time.


i got scammed my cpabeyond i made 100 and tryed cashing out he just banned my account


the owner john. tryed to offer me $2 to fill out a postive pre written review and post it on that affpaying for him.

but i declined.

he too scammed me $588. all the reviews on affpaing are faked by the scammer


Thanks for proving my point you are trying to slander our reputation.

We BANNED you because all of the "leads" you provided were actually YOU filling in the lead forms yourself over proxies.

This is against our TOS reason for your ban.

We payout FULL and ontime for all affiliates.


#399589 is a scam. the owner jon banned me as asoon as cash out time came.

thanks for the tip. and i would suggest report these guys to the cyber crime websites.

get them off the net. the owner is part of a blackhat community and a *** man.

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CBeyond is a joke with a horrible ending!!

I'm a small IT provider for small to medium sized business. A couple of my customers signed up with cBeyond to save money and they contracted us to do the switch over. From the beginning the service sucked. Dropped or misrouted calls, slow internet and long periods of downtime. There customer service sucked and was useless. On top of that, they tell the customers they will pay for the time their IT provider spends on site for the cutover but its all a scam. Had this experience 3 different times with them and now I warn all my customers to stay far away from them. Unfortunately, some are locked into contracts they can't get out of and are now paying for an additional broadband line for internet because cBeyond can't give them the service they promised. Its a shame! The customer service is useless and either blow you off or never call you back. Tried going up the food chain and contacting the Market Director for my area, Matt Corson but apparently he cares less than customer service because he wouldn't return any phone calls or emails.
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recent experience, these guys are door knockers. they came by my business office and professed that they can provide better services than my current 8x8 service. They tried to port my numbers out they promised that lines will be transfered within 10 days, 2 months later NOTHING. They suck, and their customer service sucksssssss. having issues porting my number back to 8x8 , and the run around with these guys is pathetic. i am surprised they even know how to connect a phone to the jack. I would stay away from these guys and not waste your dollars on downtime. Horrible
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Frat mentality is good for a while but you are micro managed to death... Stress is very high. a lot of brow beating and chest thumping...


Total scam of a company.

They will hold you hostage


Yeah, they manage to *** you off so badly in a single call that you never want to do business with them again. Or they are so unhelpful that you give up.

WORST COMPANY EVER. Rude customer service. WORST in industry. OVERCHARGE!!!

Won't help you unless you sign up for 2 or 3 year contract. BULLY mentality.

FAIL!!!!!!!!!! C-Beyond.



I am a Sales Consultant with Cbeyond. Yes, we do in fact Cold Call for our leads and qualify them.

I apologize if your experience has been less than great, but this is an uncommon circumstance. I encourage you to contact our customer care again.

They are the best in the business. I find it hard to see them being anything else but helpful, because they actually receive an incentive for one-call resolutions.

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My experience with CBeyond Minneapolis has been wonderful. The Sales Rep was very knowledgeable and thorough. I was nervous to make a change and with the bad reviews I read, even more nervous. My business has about 40 people in the office and some that work in other states. I have had a bad experience in the past with another provider and it took me time to be convinced to change. The installation was great and we haven't had ANY issues at all. We have been a customer for over 6 months and will continue to stay with Cbeyond. I am part of a business association and have referred many customers. They have a great referral program, so it is a win-win for me. Cbeyond has some bad reviews, but so do all the other carriers around...TDS, Integra, Comcast and many others. This is business and I don't know of any companies that have 100% happy people at all times. I vote Cbeyond!
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Thank you for your comments fathimckitteh. I own my own business and have for many years, but I agree sites like this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Only angry employees or angry people would start a site like this. I like to give credit where it is deserved.


Only an employee would come to a website like "PISSED CONSUMER" to tell everyone how much they LOVE that company.


Clearly written by a Cbeyond Employee, take with a grain of salt.

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Cbeyond Should Be Forced To Close Its Doors

If there was there was the option for a negative star rating, Cbeyond would earn negative five stars, no joke. Business with Cbeyond has been a complete and total NIGHTMARE! Our small businesses in San Francisco upgraded to VoiP phones with Cbeyond's recommendation and very unfortunately signed a 3-year contract with Cbeyond's service for our 2 locations. Our businesses' lifeline is through our phones. If we can't communicate over the phone, we lose business by the minute. Cbeyond promises a level of service that is written into their contract. Unfortunately, if their level of service is not up to par, they do not attempt to fix the issues for their "customers". They sell, sell, sell and don't look back. Even their Field Solutions Advisors, who are supposed to manage your account, are only there to sell, not to actually help resolve any issues. Despite daily technical service calls since our installation 4 months ago and a mound of documentation that our phone service consistently goes down, Cbeyond is unwilling to work with us and their customer service and technical ability is beyond horrible. Our original sales reps and account managers do not call or email us back, completely MIA. They up-sold us after installation, promising that their new "solution" would fix our issues. They "upgraded us" and put more money in their own pockets, but as soon as they walked out the door they would not cooperate with our phone vendor (who manages our IP phones) in order to fix our ongoing issues. Cbeyond recommended this phone vendor and tells us they do not have our phone vendor's contact information! We are paying 50% more on our monthly bill with nothing fixed and an unresponsive, incompetent, highly unskilled team of people working at Cbeyond who have caused our company to lose a tremendous amount of business. Beware! DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID! DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY!
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Our website has been down now for three weeks because Cbeyond doesn't know what's going on. They keep blaming it on server issues and routing issues.

We have been with Cbeyond now for about 6 years and had great service. Now they are toilet bugs.

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Lost my Cbeyond job, unhappy I represented a company so many people hate

I found from my experience at Cbeyond that it would be in the best interests of this company to make some changes. I was hired by a very nice person. He was young and niave, but he had morals, was professional, and was a successful sales person. My team was a bunch of young people, 99% male, between the ages of 22 and 26. It should have been a red flag. But, as a recent college grad with student loans to pay off, I was desperate. I accepted the job. It started out okay. They emphasized a sales rep's role in the community. They encouraged us the do charity work and be kind and considerate of others. Cbeyond has decent reviews in several well-known publications and an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. I should have read their consumer reviews that were less widely publicized, but no less relevant. I had a slow start, like most successful sales reps. I tried to treat people right and represent the company well. I tried to treat people screaming at me and kicking me out of their office the second I mentioned the name Cbeyond with understanding. "They just don't know how great Cbeyond is," I thought. I was warned by some nice business owners. They would say they had no problem with me, but they would never, ever do business with my company. I didn't listen. At Cbeyond, I would wake up at 4:30-5:00 every morning and not get home until 7:00-8:00. I would commute for at least an hour each way to get to work. Then, I would drive to my territory, using my own vehicle. Cbeyond's gas compensation was not nearly enough to cover those costs. I would talk to other reps about the schedule. Nearly no one on the non-manager sales team is over 27 years old. No one has children, and very few are married. Cbeyond offers absolutely no work/life balance. Churn is constant. People come and go on a weekly basis. If your'e at Cbeyond a year you're considered seasoned. Nearly every employee pops fast food, energy drinks, coffee, alcohol, candy, and who knows what else just to stay awake. I talked to an employee who carried a bottle of whiskey in his car and sipped it throughout the day just to make it through. I spoke with three other employees who would regularly nap in their cars just to get through the day. During long days in the field, you will have to stop at a gas station or fast food joint regularly to refuel you gas tank, stomach, and go to the bathroom. My lack of sales didn't last forever. I was one of the few people in the company to ever get a cold call close as my first deal. Shortly after my moment of success, I got very ill. The Cbeyond life style had taken its toll on me. I had to take several days off (with a doctor's note, given by me to HR). I got prescription drugs and doctor visits. I would imagine Cbeyond did not like that I was using their health insurance so much. I had also gotten my teeth cleaned the previous month and had some routine check ups. When I went back to work, there was an accident on the road one morning. I called my manager. When he didn't pick up the phone, I left a voicemail letting him know of the situation, as per company requirements. When I got to work, I was fired for being 8 minutes late. The company managed to slip out of paying me unemployment through some loophole which I cannot fully define. Needless to say, I got the short end of the stick from Cbeyond. If you choose to do business with this company, do your research. If you take a job from this company, beware the conditions. I can say from experience that they prey on young, desperate college grads who do not have many other options.
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This company blows *** hole. You guys come into my business and annoy the *** out of me every day.

Thanks for sending some hot ones occasionally, but I can't spend 10 minutes every day kicking you out of my door. What part of NOT INTERESTED don't you get?

I'm in sales too and you're business model is setup to fail most by sending them to the same people (like myself) who will never do business with you. You're literally avoided like cancer by any business owner I've met who knows of you.


As a current CBeyond employee all I can say is that you get out of it what you put in, If you are writing 2 deals a month and running 8-10 appointments, you will more than cover your gas, and my territory is a good 40 miles away from our branch office. If you cold call and put in the time and effort, and work networking events and referral partners, you will make good money and CBeyond and have happy customers. As always, there will be issues with telecom - I have 10 customers on net and a few have had issues, but everyone has issues with ATT, Comcast, Birch, etc.


I worked at Cbeyond for a year and a half, and made just under 80 my first year. Sales is like anything else in get out of it what you put into it.

If you knew ANYTHING about telecom as an industry, chances are you would know how to sell the product better my friend, 'Whistleblower.' Did you really expect a little research on the company and not the industry to just be sufficient? I am 26 now and still thankful I started at Cbeyond. All the threads that are attached to this are pathetic. Get out of sales because you obviously can't hang.

Oh, and if you are looking..I hear Time Warner is hiring. And Whataburger.


I am sorry you sucked at sales, but that isnt Cbeyond's problem..its the new company that hired you.


The company sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't accept a job from them they will ***.......................


You should speak with an attorney.


Say hello to another bitter ex employee.

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