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We recently launched an ad campaign involving a television commercial and some print ads. We wanted to create a "minisite" or subdomain with special content relating to the event being advertised (like Our web designer spoke to cBeyond, since they provide our web hosting, and they said that it was possible to set it up. However, days before the commercial was set to be aired, when the designer went to publish the minisite, we learned the real truth - that cBeyond "has never and does not currently support subdomains or multiple domains on any hosting products".

Our web master/designer told them to IMMEDIATELY change our nameservers over on our website, so that we could quickly migrate to a different hosting company who (like 99.999% of all hosts) supports subdomains. The plan would have saved us from wasting thousands on the ad campaign, except for one problem: even though our web master called them 3 times, on 3 different consecutive days, requesting that the change be made (the first time to request, the second two times to confirm that it was processing), the genius "technicians" at cBeyond changed the "wrong setting". We waited and waited for the migration to go through, and they kept saying that it was still processing... Finally, the night before the TV ads were scheduled to stop airing, we found out the truth - that they hadn't really even started the migration in the first place. By the time they actually started the process, it was too late.

CBeyond's incompetency cost us over $50,000 in advertising, since none of the viewers of the ad were able to get on the website it was advertising! To top it all off, when we spoke to a "supervisor" after the fact, their only response was "that's an unfortunate turn of events, but there's nothing we can do about it". THAT'S IT! Not even an offer to give us some credit on our rip-off, overpriced $2,000/month phone bill.



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the churn rate is much higher.the company has also let go higher paid whites in favor of entry level minorities.

One dept has mainly black managers and employees- they allegedly, keep one token white there. they let them do what ever they want allegedly. It is a revolving door. Very cliquish from what I understand.

Lots of turnover. Seems that every call to the techs ends up with "it's your phone system" or if it is to customer care, they send you to "the retention dept." And from what I hear, there is no one that has been in sales for 4 years at Cbeyond.

Usually it is 1-2 years and then they either move to another position or leave Cbeyond all together.They don't get things done from what I hear b/c they have too many forms to fill out (allegedly) Bottom line- there are Better Choices, I M O


Cbeyond is a bad company....liars .... don’t change over....they are doing fraud and they need to be stopped. I have been dealing with them for 4 months. I tried to cancel service within 2 weeks of signing on. They passed me around and never got back to me. They do this on purpose to drag out the time and money owed.

This lady listed below did a good job on dragging everything out. THEY ARE A SCAM!

Elise Netzler

Customer Assurance


Previous Poster...I have no idea who you are...but you are insulting the business owners that you cheated, lied and caused them a net loss...This site isn't disgruntled consumers. How can so many businesses have MAJOR issues with the outdated product and horrific customer service?

There has been many class action suits and they have been all settled by CBEYOND.


Just write to the FCC it is easy download the FCC form and fax it to the FCC. I did it and Cbeyond had to reimburse me.

They hope you do not know that once you complain they have to help you.


Hello, I have no idea who you are, but i hope that you give cbeyond another chance.

when looking at cbeyond. The 3 year contract term is listed on the very first page. There is the option of a 1,2, or 3 year agreement. There are 5 pages of T's and C's, and within that the termination is clearly stated in there. Also, cbeyond is 100,75,50 as far as percent that is paid back if you leave cbeyond mid contract. Most other companies are just 100 percent of remaining contractual term.

In any sales enviornment, they are looking to get the sale, however, if you just say to them this is how it will be, they will still try to get you the same promotions the next week. If you dont like that particular rep, ask for a different one. People match different personality types, just because you didnt like the particular sales rep does not mean cbeyond would not be a great solution for your business!

I know that they do work very well for businesses, and I would hate for one person to ruin your chances of upgrading your small business communcations. Call 866 424 5100 ... ask for a National Sales rep... they will go over everythign on the phone and there is no pressure with them at all. I work on the direct side, but from the sounds of it, you could be a great customer.

Also, look into other sources for your research... finances is one... also there are other website other than "pissed customer" that will help you see a different side of cbeyond. there are over 45,000 happy customers out there! I hope you give them another chance.


I am a current Cbeyond employee and have been with the company for 3 years, and have also worked for them in 3 cities. I also have my masters degree and had many opportunities on the table before accepting this position.

To this person, I appologize for the miscommunication it sounds like happened with Cbeyond. Although I know that this is only one side of the story. for any people looking at cbeyond. Make sure to fill out the domain name on the sales and activation worksheet and they will start the transfer of the domain and everything for you as long as they have the correct passcodes. Normally, if this issue occurs, the previous host of the domain name does not release it right away which is not cbeyonds fault, its the fault of the previous domain name holder. So for those looking at switching, a lot of the issues arent cbeyonds fault, but that of their previous provider or carrier.

secondly, I have myself over 700 customers and over the course of this time have only had 40 leave our services. The services that we have are good for businesses and they help out a lot of businesses.

My last 2 cents are that if you are looking into their services, continue to do so... they honestly have helped out many businesses and im sure they could do the same for you! will provide you with more information.


Thank you all for the heads up...

I need reliable domain/subdomain hosting -- am presently able to make changes within 24 hours with current host. Just me, you must not realize the importance of customer service and web reliability -- especially as it relates to advertising.

I am/was In final stages of considering CBeyond. No one has mentioned the 3-year commitment, no one has mentioned cancellation fees. No has mentioned that "discounts" will be added back on in the event of cancellation. No one has mentioned any time of severability (or lack of) of components such as the mobile phones.

Reps have been pleasant and personable, but I have been reluctant to make the switch until doing research. In general, if anyone says they have to close today or no sale, then for me it is no sale.

I feel sorry for reps who do not realize the harm they can do to a small business. This is a shame because they purport to be the best solution for small businesses. I wish you well C Beyond, however it will be without my business.


Honestly the only reason I fell in to this trap was that I didnt obey the #1 rule in business and let a salesman talk me into something that I even knew at the time did not make any sense from a financial point of view because he was very nice and persistent and I felt bad to cancel even after I ran the numbers.

The sales people promised me that if I was not satisfied after 13 months...that was my out clause and they would switch me over no questions asked, which as you read on you can see to not be true.

Now that I am going to disconnect(bc why am I going to continue paying an extra 300/month to these guys for the next 2 years of my 36month contract. Here is they want from me...they are "nice" enough to waive the termination fees(bc I had a 13th month cancellation addendum) but they are charging me the $95 customer loyalty discount you see on my bill times 13 months. Plus they are charging me the $500 waived install fee plus all other rebates I received(which I believe was another $500...obviously I was promised another rebate of $500 I could use now after each year but I am not bc am cancelling). They also want to charge me 350 early termination of the Beyond Mobile(cell phone early cancellation fees) plus the 400 I was given to their 3rd party venders. All in all I will receive a bill for about $3000 for cancelling on my 13th month...I mean really who does that, what company justifies $3000 in cancellation feees...which now I will have to go to court or just pay to fight, which the sales man told me would be a no cost and I remember asking him this over and over again and he told me NO COST. Anyway sorry this is so long, but I am willing to share my ordeal with anyone and hopefully educate them on to the scam that is cbeyond...once again DONT FEEL SORRY FOR THEIR SALES TEAM AND HOW HARD THEY MAY HAVE WORKED FOR YOU...THEY ARE LIARS AND DONT CARE ABOUT SAVING YOUR BUSINESS MONEY!!!!TRUST ME I LEARNED THE HARD WAY!\\


If you are a victim of CBeyond's false promises and/or extortion then please contact for a possible class action lawsuit against them.


Please contact for possible class action lawsuit against CBeyond

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