No idea what this company has been doing but their care agents do not care at all. They are technically incompetent, do not pick phones, do not return calls and cannot solve simple issues. Bunch of idiots! I am taking my business to a less expensive provider. I was down for 2 days and they could not fix my issue. I had to do all my business on my cell phone.

Last time I called I was told I will be called back. Never heard back. A year back when i started, they were so good. Customer care was on the money. They cared. Now they just pass the buck. I would fire the call center management.

Please post here some names of good providers who I should be looking to take my business to.

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The person who posted this could not have been more right. I have called 3 times in last month.

Long wait, agents do not have any trouble shooting knowledge and they blame LECs for the problem. Do you know Cbeyond depends on LECs for everything.

So I am dealing with Verizon now to get my issue fixed. Had I known I would have never left Verizon.


Sucky company with sucky service is launching cloud services so they can make more customers suffer. Customer service for Cbeyond is customer dis-service. No freaking clue about service.


Take your business to Comcast Business Class. MUCH more professional and much easier to get through to. We just started using them about three months ago and it has been great!


I am experiencing tremendous problems with my services. I am only 2 months into doing business with this company and I am already regretting it.

I should have done my research. Worst customer service ever.

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #243785

If businesses can do their research they will not even have to post on this sit...

*Cbeyond is a scam.

*They have cheap used up company culture.

*Thay no respect for integrity and building clientale.

If you keep posting then you sorry to say but your you sleep with dogs and you get fleas.

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