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ANYBODY who claims love for CBeyond is either working for CBeyond or doesn't have a clue about the difference between CBeyond and Comcast business class services.

I signed up for CBeyond.I was promised they would pay for the integra bill of 3600 bucks it still has not happened and now I have had to pay it.

In the mean time I checked into comcast. The score. Comcast with 6 lines, 50Mbps down/20Mbps up (WOW!) plus business level TV service (double wow) and Sharepoint Server AND Exchange all for 340 bucks for 3 years. CBeyond with 6 lines and 1.4/1.4 Mbps and dumpy 5 gig back up (I told Laura we don't need it) for a whopping 440 bucks per month.

What the F*** have I just done.

Luckily they have committed, for me and 2 employees to see, a number of egregious mistakes if not downright illegalities in their pursuit of us.I will move to Comcast and F CBeyond who can't see beyond their own ancient technology and realize it does not rise to the level of cost that they fraudulently push onto folks.

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T1 vs Cable clearly does not know what he is talking about 100mg down is almost 100 times faster than a t1.if you go with cable you can cancel if the quality of service is not good.

With Cbeyond you will get to enjoy the same slow speeds for the duration of your contract.Cbeyond must have and army of people that write good reviews for the company because nobody in their right mind would think that a T1 is business class...maybe 10 years ago!


This Company resells extremely outdated tech.IF you are having t1 issues with att and think going to Cbeyond will provide better speeds..guess what?

Cbeyond uses the same line they get wholesale from att. so you are buying the same turd repackaged. still use T1 as their bulk of sales? T1 are like from the 70s people.

1.5 megs is like DSL. its actually worse than DSL since voice traffic in addition to data traffic is used over the same circuit. Also the wireless backup product is a Piece of *** and uses open source software(but thats another issue

). basically giving them another 50 a month for extremely slow wireless connection that may or may not work if you have ago outage.

If it does you will have around 500kb/sec and will surf like 56k modem. forget about using your phones with it.

if yo are not sure about this company .ask a well seasoned network person.


Agree with Veeshir.Prior to moving down here, the Wife had her inentert through Verizon.We married about five months ago, and she sent them an order to disconnect her service.We have now had five bills forwarded to us, across the country.

Verizon is, through inaction, refusing to close down the account, and multiple calls to them to cease and desist result in "We'll get right on it"... and another bill the next month.

AFAIK, even her name and address change has been ignored by them; they keep sending the bills to her old address.Do not, do NOT, EVER, use Verizon!They're great only so long as you DON'T have to call them for ANYTHING!


After reading your article, I looked into the differences, and unless you are running a web hosting company, or a movie studio, the T1 is hands down the answer (btw.It also states that coax bandwidth aka Comcast shouldn't be holding your servers either).

Whether it is Cbeyond or ATT, a T1 is truley business class internet due to the priority and guarenteed up times. This is not a shared circuit, like cable and dsl, it is a monitored, dedicated circuit to your backroom. Comcast stating business class is laughable. Very few of their techs, even know how to switch numbers over.

If you need reliability and are dependent on the internet, do you want a guarentee that it will stay up (T1) or UP to (up to) 50 by 10 sometimes. I will give you 100 mg down by 50 up for 300 per month, but it only works on Mondays and Tuesdays, want to sign up?

Oh yeah, if it goes down, get in line and I will be there between 3 and 5 next Tuesday.Do you want to put your business in this situation?

to T1 vs Cable Seattle, Washington, United States #671755

You are a certified ***.My Comcast has never been down and it constantly clocks 50 down and 20 up.

These measurements where from my desktop across to managed switches and to various servers around this country.

To servers in europe my average is a ping of 150 and 44/16.How many T1's do I have to have to even come close to that?


What a joke this company is.Our contract shows our charges will be $474 month.

My bills range from $740-$960 month. And the billing department??? What billing department???? I thought At&T was horrible, this company make At&t look like an angel from heaven.

Terrible internet and phone service. If you want to sleep comfortably at night, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM CBEYOND...

If their salemen calls you, call the police right away because they will not leave you alone...Good luck to all ANTI-cBEYOND nation


Cbeyond is a scam.

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