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No company should be able to get away with what CBeyond does. Talk about controled criminal activity! I thought gangsters were a thing of the past.


It is estimated that the criminal gang activity cost the US Government more than 10 billion a year through protection rackets.[25] Monthly

payments can range from 457.00 for a small shop or bar to 5,000 for a larger business. Targets who try and opt out the legally obtained

contract are usually harassed, often through astronomical termination fees

Well CBeyond you have proven that disgusting business practices are alive

and well, please read CBeyond's termination clauses below. If this aint extortion I don't know what is.

i.If, after both parties have signed the Contract, termination occurs before we install our equipment or activate the Services, you shall be liable for $1,000;

ii.If termination occurs during the Initial Term of this Contract, you shall be liable for: (a) all outstanding nonrecurring fees plus (b) 100% of the Monthly Fees for each month, if any, remaining in the first year of

the Initial Term, plus, if applicable, (c) 75% of the Monthly Fees for each month, if any, remaining in the second year of the Initial Term, plus, if applicable, (d) 50% of the Monthly Fees for each month, if any,

remaining in the third year of the Initial Term;

iii.If termination occurs after the Initial Term of this Contract, you shall be liable for: (a) all outstanding nonrecurring fees plus (b) 50% of

the Monthly Fees for each month remaining in the applicable term, up to one year;

iv.If termination also occurs as to any BeyondOfficeâ„¢ Services, you shall

be liable for an additional amount equal to the lesser of: (a) $500; or (b) $50 for each month remaining in the Initial Term or any Renewal Term of this Contract as described in Section 8.2; and

v.If termination also occurs as to any BeyondMobileâ„¢ Services, you shall be liable for an additional amount equal to the cancellation charge for your mobile plan then in effect.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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CBeyond is beyond criminal! We "owe" CB over 10k for canceling the service.

We canceled because of the horrible customer service and the huge monthly fees. CB 1500 per month, switched to Qwest 250 month. Same exact service except Qwest has excellent customer care. This the biggest scam out there.

We are not paying!!!

we are waiting for you to go down. Anyone else in Colorado having this issue?


What the management/recruiter under the pseudo name of 'true/true' is posting is all it knows...psychological warfare to convince their propaganda under the guise of sales stars.What the eyeball does is force its reps, team leads and managers to endure completely give up the people in their lives that give them true fullfillment, support and take them to the next level.If the love one is against the cult comany, they force them to give them up and bring in slutty naive types and force them to mandatory events. SICKOS...Although the ex employees posting on this site, jobvent, glassdoor and facebook are successful and much happier now.The recruiting team that has to go on the same sites to circumvent the damage and convince us that we are the ones that' can't *** this lame,desperate, repetitive useless outdated brainwashing company that will implode.

The negative 'you couldn't cut it' is wearing thin. The truth is ex employees are happier, more independent, better paid and don't have to ask for bathroom breaks while they are trolling on the phones for new victims/apps. Nor are they forced to mandatory events where alcohol and overt sexual advances from coworkers is promoted to be 'part of the team'.Also, they are finally allowed to have real relationships outside this sick company that demands no external influence. No free will.

No happiness. Just lame trips and events to keep the status quo in check.



What a douch!

These fools are in a controlled bubble.

They are so out of touch with reality. CBEYOND is for has been's and never be's.

This company will fold in less than 4 years.

Start pulling the thumb? WTF?



sorry let me spell it out

ur product s.u.c.k.s

so resume with the lame comebacks.

no. it's not a bitter ex employee.

just a f.a.c.t

now go back and do some more rookie role play loser and mileage.


u're product sucks. that's why ur on this site trying so hard to be blase.

u wouldn't be here commenting on why ur product sucks and ur creepy company makes leaves so many unsatisfied.

u must suck in bed as well.


The terms and conditions are just like any other Telecom company. Other local competitors make you sign a 5 year contract. Sometimes those contracts even renew each year for an additional term. I LOVE business owners who somehow blame Cbeyond after they sign and initial the contract at least 12 times. It's a contract, DUH! This is also the same contract that spells out how you can terminate the contract with no penalties. They misquoted you? Prove it! Show me the proposal that they gave you.

PS - I also LOVE LOVE all the ex-employees who couldn't *** it and whine all day on this site, Facebook and jobvent while collecting unemployment.

Take some ownership!!

Stop pointing the finger and start pulling the thumb.


Shut up BIgtuna ur proably the owner of this *** Company. Get ready there's a BIG lawsuit comming your way!

People r getting together! Your Salesman lied to me he said i could keep my web site and my current email address this was a lie! after calling and speaking with caresupport i was told i would not b able to keep my email address as cbeyond was not affiliated with at&t But they had an excellent idea---> I would continue to pay att&t in order to keep my current email address and then forward it to the one cbeyong would provide f$%ck OFF! I am 3 days in to this *** contract and i am OUT F U Cbeyond F U when i called to cancel i was told i couldnt when i told them the sales man said i had a cancelation period they asked me what my cancelation period was as he did not know of any ???

WHAT ???? F u


Please contact for possible class action lawsuit against CBeyond


I get they have a contract. They are just a bad company to do business with.

There customer service is terrible and no one knows what they are doing. We had they for a month and the bill was suppose to be $500.00 and it came to over $1700.00 and they told us if we did not like it we could pay $13,0000 to get out of the contract.

When we canceled they added additional charges. They are just not a good company


Well Bigtuna, you're used to being eaten by sharks, go figure. Do some homework, CBeyond has the highest term fees out of ATT and Verizon and there not as well known.

If the service and the costs were the same as we were verbally quoted and assured of, then I wouldn't have a problem. Be fair and upfront about all costs that's the way to gain loyalty and satisfaction from customers.



The 1000 early termination fee is reimbursement for the 1000 it costs to install the service on the back end. Talk to your rep, he should tell you that it actually costs cbeyond 1000 to install service.

Also, read any other T1 contract. They are all the same. Cbeyonds cancellation costs throughout length of contract are no different than Att or Verizon.

Its not extortion if you sign the contract either. Last time I checked, when you sign a contract, you AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS of you service agreement.

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