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I am in San Diego, CA and made a huge mistake by signing up with Cbeyond. They are outrageously priced and their customer service is absolutely terrible.

I have a stack of business cards of reps who "promised to fix the problem" because, "no one ever complains about our company" and nothing was ever fixed. The day our contract is over will be one of the best days of the year. DO NOT SIGN UP!!!! They make promises that they cant follow through on and are of no help when you need them.

I tell everyone I know not to make the same mistake that we did.... Its just not worth it.

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Don't even let them in the door, that's their tactic, to try and bully you into signing a contract when they have you face to face. They'll harass you endlessly, even after you say "NO".

And think about it, if that's how they are in the front end, how do you think they are in the back! Even worse!

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #169824

What a truly ignorant post. You sound like you have some issues can you afford a therapist perhaps?

I have a great quality of life and one of the reasons is I won't get involved with a scam company like Cbeyond. It is a true testimont that successful business owners, who are busy running their operations can communicate with each other on a site like this and steer clear of a poorly managed headache, time wasting company like Cbeyond and instead work with efficient consumer friendly T1 companies that keep clients satisfied.


I think C Beyond is one of the best companies out there people who write negative things about them just have nothing else better to do and really need to get a life


Just write to the FCC it is easy download the FCC form and fax it to the FCC. I did it and Cbeyond had to reimburse me.

They hope you do not know that once you complain they have to help you.

to Complain to FCC San Diego, California, United States #683769

Thanks for that information!


I wish I would have read these reviews before I contracted with CBeyond. Their mobile phone service is absolutely pathetic and their customer service, forget it.

They don't even know how to assist in setting up a Blackberry correctly. They promise your Blackberry will be able to delete from Outlook and move to folders, No!!! Also, calls drop, can't be made, etc. I switched from Verizon, biggest mistake of my life!!!

Still waiting for calls back from managers after 2 days.

Sales rep is no longer responding. I am hiring an attorney next week to get me out of this contract.


Cbeyond... I would not have posted any negative remarks against your company if my issues had been resolved in a timely manner.

I have talked to multiple customer service representatives with in your company and nothing is ever solved. Thanks but no thanks.



Cbeyond here - we saw your post and would like to help. We work diligently to resolve any customer issues, but can't help you if you make anonymous postings. Please contact us at 1-866-424-5100 or email if you need assistance. I can assure you that if you contact us we will do what it takes to resolve your issues in a timely manner.





I am with Eye Virtual, and we provide similar services such as CBeyond. I want you to know that you are not alone. I am an Account Exec and when I talk to new clients, they are fed up with CBeyond and their poor customer service. I have never dealt with the company myself, just spoken with many unhappy clients. But, if you are looking for better services with great customer service, let me know, I will be more than willing to help!

Thanks and best of luck to you!

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