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One of the biggest mistakes I have made for my business was signing up for cbeyond 3 years ago.

I was sold by a former employee who I trusted, but she screwed me with this one. They have cost double what I would have paid for similar services, and my contract was up Nov 1, and it has been

hours of time to extract them from my they have tried various intimidation techniques to make me pay fees to cancel.

Now they are demanding a t1 line from a space I have moved from, and demanding a 2500.00 fee for what is a antique peice of equipment...

Do not sign up with this company they are pirates and a high pressure sales organization reselling services.

the customer service has been a joke during my 3 years, hours of wasted time to resolve any issues.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Pleasanton, California, United States #597425

I have spoken with your representative, and have been clear on my position. This is not what he is wants to her.

As I have stated over and over I am done with this whole disaster of a dicsion 3 years ago, and afte 3 years of overcharges, and attempts to break free from this overly expensive service provider with no reasonable return on the investment for the consumer...the company needs to write me off and let me gO. Posting the dates I am contacted only shows

how unreasonable they are to deal with even after you are done and have moved on.


Atlanta, Georgia, United States #594283

Dear Carol

Thank you for contacting us at to discuss your issues.

Our Customer Care representative Jerome has been working with you since late December to address these. To date he has answered your questions regarding Early Termination Fees and the outstanding charge for missing equipment.

***Please note that all Cbeyond Customer Care calls are recorded.

Jerome has attempted to reach you and left voicemail messages on your (925) number on 1/7/2013, 1/9/2013, 1/10/2013, and 1/14/2013, but has not yet heard from you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,



Hi Carol

We are sorry that you are having these issues. Please send us an email at with your account number, and someone will contact you as soon as possible. We value your business and will work with you to resolve your concerns. –Cbeyond

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