I have ran my own medical practice for almost 10 years now in the Detroit area and during that time I had numerous problems with AT&T. The DSL always slowed down and getting through to customer service was almost unbearable.

I switched over to Cbeyond last year and I have no complaints at all. In fact I have been more than pleased by the level of service and the professionalism of the sales rep that sold to me. Everything they said they delivered on and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I happened to come across this site and was surprised by the comments being made. Perhaps those consumers who are so outraged should spend a little time researching their competitors.

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The only reason you have had a good experience is because CBeyond has to provide you a certain level of service by law because you are a medical facilitator. Don't be nieve DOC the other thousands of CBeyond victim's do not have the same binding service level.

Maybe you just haven't been affected yet....your time for poor service is on the horizon. Feel free to come back and retract your statement when that happens.


If you are a victim of CBeyond's false promises and/or extortion then please contact munzer@OmnicureHomeHealth.com for a possible class action lawsuit against them.


Cbeyond is horrible. My friend worked there for 2 weeks (out of desperation). Part of their official sales policy is ignoring any "NO SOLICITING" signs.


You're a liar and clearly a little troll for CULTBEYOND

Nameless and Faceless. Your parents must be proud you are robbing people.



You are lucky.... Most customers like myself hate their services and equipment that doesn't work...

I don't get emails to my cell phone anymore and the customer service guy told me to delete my data... and they don't promise service inside a building....

What is the point of a cell phone if you can't use it.????

Poor : (

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