A cult-like company that burns and churns and uses brainwashing and isolation with lame party hard work hard smoke and mirrors.

Cbeyond regularly trolls sites and takes out any negative postings. Many posts from Cbeyond employees exposing their questionable practices have been removed from JobVent.com Now only "favorable" comments that recruiters post to offset the negative reviews. There were many more negative comments than positive ones. But you wouldn't know it if you checked out JobVent.

There was a Facebook group called CBEYOND SURVIVORS that had 100 plus employees/ex-employees revealing everything about this unethical company.

The goup was shut down unexplicably. The administrators are confused.

In the real sense of the world.They are evil. Please don't do business with sales reps that are laughing at you and you are nothing more than a close so they can get free passes to Disneyland or where ever the carrot is dangling over their little heads.


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Cbeyond is the only company I know that allows anyone to walk off the street with no credentials and become a manager. The managers here would not last one day in a real corporate environment. A lot of them have been with Cbeyond for years for THAT very reason... they know this!

The managers get promoted to Senior Managers, Senior Managers to Directors... and then they promote cousins, sisters, brothers ... all with no education or prior experience.... and then they wonder why this company is failing... lol

The call center environment is horrible, I feel so bad for the employees who are unable to find other work and have to deal with the verbal abuse from their managers.

The cloud service product is a joke. The T1 service is a joke. Cbeyond overall is a joke... CUSTOMER's FROM AN EX CBEYONDER - STAY AWAY - WE HAVE THE INSIDE SCOOP


Cbeyond is a company with a foundation of copying what other "real" telecommunication companies do.They have no real products or services, they merely copy some other company's ideas and products and put their label on them.

The Management is a joke. Also company tolerates bigotry, racism, and sexism. Mangement does nothing about misuse of emails or other employees harassing other employees.

The good thing about this company is that they won't last long with the smoke and mirrors.Their stock is down to about 5 bucks...so its a matter of time for them now.


Recently met the new sales boss Brent.What an arrogant *** he is.

He walks as if he owns the world. Smooth talker but an attitude. And I heard he was promoted. Looks like being an *** is what makes people successful here.

No wonder I am told everyday make a deal regardless of what happens to the customer.

It is not our problem.Sorry customers!


All of the comments are so true I work there and if the job market was not so bad I would put my 2 week in.Don't work there if you have any other options.

They will fire you at a drop of a hat and HR is a joke they just sit on there hands.

God help you if you have to work in the call center!!!


To all JG doesn't care about all of this info that we write against his organization.He is too busy polishing his 'Porshe' at the expense of your hard earned money.

Don't think that the middle managers are not involved in the crooked practices of CBeyond. The company is full of "YES" men and women.

Most managers in CBeyond wouldn't survive in the real corporate world, they have no tact.They sit in meetings and talk about how to screw their employees instead of taking care of the customers they support.


Why do think Cbeyond opened its office in Atlanta..., because they know they can prey on individuals and treat them anyway they want because of the "At Will" labor law. They love treating their employees as if they were nothing, except for the one's who have been the company for years and are the typical "YES" men and women they like. True statement about the alcoholics and bimbos..., if you drink allot of booz and where exposing clothes you fit right in.


Commission on sold deals even after you resign ???


If you are a victim of CBeyond's false promises and/or extortion then please contact munzer@OmnicureHomeHealth.com for a possible class action lawsuit against them.


Please contact munzer@omnicureHomeHealth.com for possible class action lawsuit against CBeyond


I made the mistake to work there.Yuck!

CBEY is infamous for producing alcholics and bimbos. They live in a bubble and think they are attractive and cool. But they are just wannabes and desperate and nobody rates past a 7 in the looks game. All the employees in the la branch pass each other around.

Gross. Got a real gig now.

I still get the shakes.

CBEYOND= Worst Scam Eva!

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