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Cbeyond is the worst, my company has had the service for a little over two months, nothing works as it should. We have had enough service tickets to paper the walls.

Plus they tell you how they will save you money and better your existing service. Do not use this company, they cost more and the service is not as good as what we had.

Told that T1 would be faster than DSL, not so.

Then told they could 2 more T1's at one time cost of 398, however that is monthly not one time. Signed up for wireless backup (told by sales person would back up phones (not true) - wireless backup has worked maybe 5 days out of 45 days.

Company is a total joke - wish I had never heard of them.

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Cbeyond services globally suck. I have done business with them and their ethics is the bigger issue.

They lie, make promises they ever keep, customer service is worst and executives are ***. That sums up this company.


Where are you located? I have seen many negative posts but they seem to all come from the same geography (when the city name is listed).

I am investigating moving to Cbeyond and am in the metro Detroit area.

Anyone have a good or bad experience in Detroit? I haven't seen any posts from my area and I would like to know if it is a local or national problem that they have.

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