Beautiful sales pitch which provided for a 90 day custuomer satisfaction period.Upon installation (which took close to a month and was never done correctly) we received a bill for DOUBLE the amount agreed to.

We were on the phone with customer service on a daily basis for 2 to 3 hours at a time. Within two weeks we attempted to switch providers. They ignored our requests for almost two months. They kept our numbers hostage and utlimately disrupted our service for 7 days!

They now have the audacity to try to collect $20,000.Small business owners BEWARE of Cbeyond.


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Miami, Florida, United States #698463

Horrible Company, These guys really are thieves!This company needs to be federally investigated.

I reported them to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer affairs but it has not been settled yet. Looking to who else I can notify about this company.

Stay away. I am not an ex-employee. We are a business that held a three year T-1 line contract with them.

They would not accept resignation when we wanted to transfer to Comcast as they had better Internet Broad Band.Terrible company


The bashing and making fun of clients who complain and/or mis-spell words by a Cbeyond "Rep" here...has just about made my mind up for me to RUN not walk away. I got the sales pitch today, sounds good but a Google search showed a lot more to be concerned about.


I worked for CBey in Chicago not too long ago, and I can confidently say that the way they run things is NOT how a professional telecom company operates.

30-45 days is an abysmal time frame for installation for a T1 line, unless it's still 1999 and I forgot? $20,000 contract termination fees, hidden in hundreds of pages of paperwork? Days on end when customers' businesses were completely without service? The "I've got your order ready to process" cold-call tactic that they teach you in class?

If you see no problem with any of this it's because you're a ***. The people who work here are universally 20-something "young turks" who are too dumb to understand that business requires give and take, mutual trade, and transparency.

There's a reason that the word "scam" is the #1 word associated with CBeyond in a Google search.



- unprofessional (none-intelligent staff, dating activities and sexual harassment)

- high job expenses (gas, car depreciation), low reimbursement

- micromanagement

- low commission (2 month in average to get paid for a deal)

- high stress and pressure

- drug and alcohol in the work environment



I worked for CBEYOND for 2 years out of College, I thought it was a great company.They teach you just enought to go out and sell it.

It is basically a sales boot camp. A monkey can go out and sell that product. They get you to buy into the idea that they are such a great company. Truth is the service sucks!

Your days are spent cold calling and stressing out about the next deal. when you come back your manger yells at you for not having enough activity or closing a deal. They treat people like ***! If it werent for the frat mentality that they have, the company might actually be run right.

As for the service in the first 6 months you are exited then customers complaints start rolling in. You have people calling you at all hours "I am down, my business is falling apart, why did you do this" You get that at least once a week. The stress is so bad and you feel guilty for those people who trusted you to buy something from you. Sometimes I could not understand the stupidity of some owners.

I would walk in and get a meeting and close them within 2 hours. A cold call close! The reality is 100% of those get f'ed up.

I will say I had a good time, I learned a lot and it helped me get my job today.

I would give this advice to Business owners: don't sign up!To potential college grads: It is great to put on your Resume.

It was fun, but you might stress yourself out to the point of insanity.

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #179626

tick tock:)

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #179607

Wow. You sound so angry and emotional. Maybe your job is getting to you.

Here's (spelled right?) more worthless banter.....

Not truly a high-tech company, Cbeyond’s business model is in fact a sales organization selling a product that is no longer unique. It provides bundled telecomm services to small to mid-size companies (generally 4 to 100 lines) in a package. This includes business phone, long distance, internet, mobile phone, website hosting, voicemail, and optional services. Their business plan is centered on hiring a sales force of ambitious young people who actually go knocking door to door in office parks to solicit customers, incentivized by big commissions for reeling in new customers on three year contracts.

Citron believes the growth story the company wants Wall St. to believe is pure fiction. Adjust it to reality, and you have a low-or-no-growth company with sustainable market presence in only 3 or 4 cities, selling for a PE of over 100. From this precarious point, the stock could fall by 2/3rds and still be seriously overpriced.

Competitive forces have been mounting steadily and now present a totally different landscape than when Cbeyond established its presence in its lead cities a decade ago.

More importantly, as mentioned in a Merrill Lynch research report from June 29, it is not only pricing with their current competition that CBEY has to worry about but it is the inevitable push of cable operators threatening their mainline business - the cable companies are simply better configured to go cheaper and wireless.

Probably the single most toxic statistic to Cbeyond is “churn rate” - the rate at which it loses existing customers. Cbeyond quotes its churn as a monthly figure, so some investors may not understand the true significance of a rise from a historically “below 1%” to current 1.5% — which is a rise from single digits to 18% per year.

CBEY’s best days are behind them. Investors who “follow the money” see beyond - a company whose insiders have sold stock in larger amounts than the company’s remaining cash.

Cautious investing to all.

Whites Creek, Tennessee, United States #179494

"Your wrong"??Yet another example of the intelligence on this website....

the correct word here is "you're" or "you are" FYI :)

Regardless, my offer to existing or prospective customers stands.If you would like some facts as opposed to misleading, online banter, please post your info and I can help.

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #179148

.....your wrong :)


Oh and the actual complaint that started this post??? HILARIOUS.

You were probably speaking with Customer Care for so long because you have no ACTUAL problem. Installation took almost a month? WIERD, our standard installation timeframe is 30 -45 days. Your 1st bill was double? WIERD, we PRO RATE your first bill just like any other telecom provider. You owe $20,000 to Cbeyond? WIERD, our contract specifically states the early termination fees associated with the term... you're such a solid business person that you probably read the contract though.

Grow up, I suppose you are going to be upset that we installed a T-1 in your office next....

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