This company will go down...They are changing their business model because apparently they are having trouble finding naive grads(who want to party hard work hard!!!)to fill the slots with 100% churn and the money to send them to training in their headquarters.

Does At&t have this type of consumer dissappointment? Nope!!! They manage customer accounts and resolve issues. Rates are the same, but the goals are that the client gets the best discount avaliable and your business as a client and not a number.

there are other more successful ways to sell business to business than the Jim Geiger way...

Instead of venting.... four words:

Class. Action. Law. Suit.

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Cbeyond services SUUUUCK. Terrible customer service. Poke your eye out pricing, eat your first born tactics.

DO NOT USE, SWITCH Or otherwise be duped by the hookers and pimps on their sales team.


CBEYOND IS ONE OF THE LEADERS IN IT AND COMMUNICATIONS WITH A+ RATING W/ BBB. I have been a Cbeyond customer for almost 3 years.

My business has 18 employees and we do take advantage of all Cbeyond applications! Their customer service is amazing and they truly support small to medium size businesses. Perhaps you should check their awards, do you think that Forbs and Fortune would name them one of the leading IT companies if their model sucks? As for sales reps, every sales company hires atractive people - check out pharmaceutical and medical sales industry.

Perhaprs you should give more legit reasons next time, and keep it professional. Appearently non of people commenting above seem to be the customers.

Next time you decide to waste business owners time with such unprofessional comments, go to your facebook page and waste your own. Thank you!

to bizright Longmont, Colorado, United States #737043




Worst customer service. Save your busines!


STOP sending the slutty looking girls or party guys to our location at Sonoma Drive in Pleasanton. We DO NOT need your services. It is immoral to try to sell small businesses these T-1 lines and then have $1000 cancellation fees built in to your contracts.

These ( short of shall we say call girls) that you send are ridiculous. Maybe some guys will fall for this *** but not us.

Comcast is good enough for us and has saved us plenty of money without needing some *** T1 line. Get a clue!, and shove your bogus service up your ***.

Next thing I am going to do is post a NO SOLICITING sign on our door! Keep out Quill and CBEYOND! Loozahs!


It is interesting that a site that allows for anonymous posting has so much negative information about a host of extremely well managed and professional organizations. I have been a partner of Cbeyond with my current company for quite some time.

Their products, customer service and employees are beyond reproach. Do not let sites designed solely to vent frustrations sway your opinions.


How very RUDE ALL OF YOU. We are signing up, but now I am going to show this to my boss and re-consider.


I represent all the major carriers in the industry. Cbeyond is among the BEST in terms of forward thinking service offerings, provisioning and customer service.

Based upon most of these comments, they appear to come from very young, inexperienced folks who perhaps worked for Cbeyond at one time or another.

I can not speak to what is like to be an employee of Cbeyond, only as a seasoned telecom professional.I highly recommend their services. Some of their sales reps have had issues in the past and that has improved over the last few years.

to Telecom ***sultant Longmont, Colorado, United States #737047

As an ex-employee of Cbeyond:

CBEYOND offers no training for their employees. They have Cbeyond university which offers a 10,000 mile overview of outdated products, but never how to actually fix customers breaks. this is why ticket *** counts are extremely high and they make employees come in mandatory but they do not pay overtime? What tech company would not pay their staff overtime, knowing that they will plenty of times when they are required to stay over and work late?


Think they are bad now, just wait. CBeyond has started getting rid of experienced workers with higher salaries and hiring new workers at half the cost. Sure your calls will be answered, but your questions sure won't be.

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #204221

You guys s.u.ck. Sad you have no morals.

And that face of the company is honestly a slutty 6. . Slumming much. BTW your the face of the door to door is desperate.

You guys have an outdated product and a wannabe cocky attitude. And your being used by management. But your bottem of the barrel. You are no where near the true game players.

Enjoy the cheap co-workers *** of the wee.

hope it makes up for your cheap desperate company and maybe one day you too can be Jim Greiger. (whos's playing you dispensable try to hards.

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #193590

Lame brainwashing sales scam company.

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #191761

Drink that Kool aid wannabe. lol

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #191760

Yeah man...Anthony is great @ sucking!!!

That's bout all he can do.

Wakulla Springs, Florida, United States #189943

He rocks! You Suck!


You're so angry. With all that $ from cbey you should be able to afford some meds.

Loooooser ;)


Of course the sale wasn't happening that day, you are not the owner and have no authority to make that decision alone. Unfortunately, the sales rep didn't realize this and needs to be trained a little better.... and please don't reply back saying that you can because we both know you can't.

As another note, if you want to research a firm, stop googling and start dialing.... I hope we can all agree that ACTUAL customers give a true depiction of service and not ridiculous websites like this.

Apple shipped me 479 non functioning I Phone 4s

I found a rat in my hamburger meat from Albertson's

The manager at Wal Mart murdered my dog in the store!

See how I can write whatever I want here.............. Wow!


Wow, that is the worst attempt at an "honest" review I've ever seen. You actually go out of your way to negatively comment on a company that you spent a total of 4 hours with? Obviously you have nothing better to do.... try getting a job.

Here are some facts about my actual experience:

$97,000 Gross Income Year 1

$123,000 Gross Income Year 2

412 Customers On Net with the majority being happy... some customers are harder to please than others but I've never had a problem that could't be resolved quickly and easily.

80% of reps gross $50,000 to $60,000/ year

15% of reps gross $70K plus

5% of reps gross $100K plus

Bottom line, the company is a growing organization that continues to aim for improvement in every area possible. As for the job, just like anything else, you get out of it, what you put into it.... If you build a referral network early and maintain it, your "door to door" work will be limited but you gotta start somewhere when you're fresh out of school and Cbeyond is one of the few companies giving that chance. I doubt Anthony here brought much to the sales table besides that he's "a people person" and a college graduate.... unfortunately, that does not get you very far in any organization.

It's a solid place to get experience and good paycheck right out of school.... if growing within the firm isn't for someone, you can bet that after a year or 2 of experience, that person will be a much better candidate for other jobs in the market place.


:p Had my first experience with a walk in C-Beyond sales rep. Pushy as *** trying to create that sense of 'urgency,' telling me the deals he offered me today were good only today.

I told him it WASN'T happening today, yet he came back anyways and when I laid my foot down he said 'Sorry, I'm really confused right now because you made it seem like you wanted to save this money and sign up right away.' To which I replied, "EXCUSE ME?? You came here uninvited, unannounced with no appointment. I was not shopping around for new internet or phone services AT ALL so don't even go there." Shut him up pretty quick. Can't find a single legitimate good review on the web- all scam reports, ripoff reports etc.

I'll be emailing buddy boy tomorrow morning and telling him he's not welcome here ever again.

Not gonna let some insulting dbag waste my time and my companies money. We actually used Cbeyond internet a few years ago, not too bad but I wasn't locked in to a contract at the time so pfffffft :(

to purchasing princess Longmont, Colorado, United States #737049

YOUR SMART! To not sign up with Cbeyond!

Anybody but Cbeyond should grow your business. As a tech, there were so many mind boggling problems with no one to really understand how to fix it, management just laughs because they do any work!

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