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Cbeyond will do everything possible to keep you from changing services

We are a business and they will not port our phone numbers to the company

we switched to, making us extend our contract to keep our business? We have the company scheduled to come to set up our new account and they are denying to port our phone numbers, saying there are two numbers on the account that they don't know where they are to port them or drop them- they are claiming it's the company we are switching tos fault.

They made us fax our letter to not renew our contract to four different departments, just to find a loop hole there, now they think they found one with this additiona numbers they don't know what to do with.

This company has such poor customer service, is this the only way they can keep customers? I would not recommend Cbeyond to any business who wants a good provider at a reasonable price without aggravation.

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I have been trying for over a month to get my numbers ported over after doing everything they request. Another $600 we have had to pay to them.

I would never use them again.

Los Angeles, California, United States #668116

I have been trying to port a clients phone numbers from Cbeyond for the past 2 months and they keep causing delays saying they didnt receive the right form or they cant see the signature of the authorized customer. Now they just called and said there is no port on record and demanded to be paid.

Unreal. They should be shut down.

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