We signed with Cbeyond as our provider for internet/phones here at our medical clinic. We told the sales person what we needed to be able to do here and he assured us that their T1 would be plenty for our needs.

Since we have had them our download speeds have reached .18 Mbps and I have actually had doctors lose all their medical information in the middle of creating their notes due to the poor internet speed. I have been trying for months to resolve this and no one has done anything other than transfer me somewhere else for another useless individual to say they will look at the situation and that we could pay another couple of hundred dollars a month to increase our speed. What happened to living up to your promise about giving us something that would allow us to operate our business at the agreed amount? I have now had to deal with the Philippines for customer service where no one gives a rats @..

about what you have to say and to make it worse they WILL NOT transfer you to someone in the United States to talk to. What kind of business is this where you claim to be a home-grown local Atlanta business and we can't even talk to you when we have a concern?

In my opinion this company has traveled the same path as everyone else in the greedy corporate world and sold us all a bill of goods they DO NOT DELIVER on. Do not make the same mistake we did, you will learn to regret it.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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What's the service you Changed to? We have to get way beyond CBeyond!


Company and the leadership is a joke. This company has been tanking for a couple of years now with no end in sight with the announcement they are going to sell the company.

If you have service with Cbeyond, you should leave. If you don't, then don't even entertain the thought of getting service from them.


Layoffs? Wow!

No surprise though! We're dropping them this month.

We already have new service and it is really really great. Better price, better serivce, support personnel are in the states and they all speak ENGLISH.


Are you saying they have outsources their support to overseas? OMG!

Thanks for the headsup. My firm will never subscribe to use their service.

Miami, Florida, United States #779909

Yeah this company is the worst ever. Never heard of any one losing their service for over a week until I had Cbeyond service.

They take no responsibility. Heard this company was about to go out of business!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #777314

Cancel while you can get someone on the phone. They just laid half of the employees off.

I had the same experience with my bandwidth speeds.

All they are is a reseller of stripped down services at a higher price. This company is bad news!

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